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Services all around projectile weaving machines


The services all around projectile weaving machines by IQ-SPS GmbH, Wettringen/Germany, do not only include the extension and reinforcement of weaving machines but also a wide variety of upgrades and services such as trainings, consulting and a fast and reliable spare parts service – worldwide.

Many weavers wish to produce special or extra wide fabrics. But the acquisition of a new, expensive special weaving machine might not be necessary. IQ-SPS upgrades available machines according to customer specifications. So, an upgraded used machine is in no way an ‘old’ machine. It is rather a machine that has been made state-of-the-art with the use of proven technology at affordable costs.
Extra wide weaving machines allow nominal weaving widths from 430-1,200 cm and are constructed according to the current CE-machine building regulations. Reinforced machines are available for widths of 190-700 cm and process up to 20,000 N warp tension p/m of fabric. The combination with upper warp beam systems or an upgrade from single- color machines to 2 or 4 colors is possible. Further upgrades include
• safety light barriers complying with current CE-regulations
• frequency converters
• control cabinets and coverings
• reinforced deflecting levers
• several upgrades for Leno weaving (PosiLeno from Groz Beckert)
• electronic let off devices
• warp tension gauges.
The most frequent field of application for upgraded machines is technical fabrics, such as geotextiles, carpet backing primary and secondary, safety textiles and reinforcing textiles for the construction industry, coating carriers, tarpaulins, fabrics for advertising etc. At the ITMA 2015 e.g. the new selvedge winder SPS Bull 1000 will be shown.

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