IKEA: Air purifying curtain

Air purifying curtain


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is the single largest environmental health risk. Not only outdoor air pollution can be a problem, also indoor air can be as bad. With the development of air cleaning textiles, IKEA BV, Leiden/Netherlands, wants to help people to a better life at home through cleaner air.

Together with a team of engineers, designers and specialists, IKEA has been working on an affordable solution to clean indoor air. The technology has been developed over the last years together with universities in Europe and Asia. The outcome of the research is the air purifying curtain Gunrid, a textile that breaks down common indoor air pollutants such as odors and formaldehyde.
The technology behind Gunrid is both unique and innovative. It consists of a mineral-based, photo catalyst coating that is applied to the textile. When activated by light – whether indoor and outdoor – Gunrid breaks down common indoor air pollutants.
Successful laboratory tests have been carried out to ensure that the photo catalyst coating works and that it is safe. The next step is chamber tests and home tests to confirm that Gunrid efficiently removes volatile organic compounds in a room.

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