IFC: Regenerated fiber gets a new name

Regenerated fiber gets a new name

Infinited Fiber

Recognizing that the nonwovens industry is ready for a more sustainable future, the new pure and biodegradable fiber called Infinna produced by Infinited Fiber Company (IFC), Espoo/Finland, is made from resources that already exist.

The technology of IFC can turn any cellulose-rich raw material, including discarded textiles, used cardboard, rice or wheat straw, into cellulose carbamate fibers – unique, high-quality textile fibers with the look and feel of cotton. It is based on 3 key processes – fiber separation from the waste materials, turning the fiber waste into liquids, and then turning the liquids back into new fibers.
Until now, both the company and the fiber created with this technology have been called Infinited Fiber. As the fiber becoming available for purchase, it is important to make a distinction between the 2. The regenerated textile fiber is now marketed under the brand name Infinna.

IFC Fiber Espoo

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