Heat-MX: New flame retardant insulations for ...

New flame retardant insulations for apparel and home textiles


A new product category of flame retardant (FR) insulations is being launched by the supplier of thermal insulation products, Heat-MX Worldwide, Montreal/Canada, based on cutting-edge technologies of Heat-MX thermal insulation as well as award-winning technical for environmental benefits.

The FR-MX products are engineered to suit for such applications as winter gloves, footwear, clothing, home textiles, etc., requiring a high level of anti-flammability properties. This thermal insulation is offered in the nominal weight range of 80-200 g/m².

The new products comply with various international standards for anti-flammability properties required for the applications mentioned above. In addition, the products in the FR-MX category offer the breakthrough technologies of Heat-MX e.g., Long Range Thermal Dynamics (LRTD) Technology for warmth, as well as such environmental benefits as NMF (No Micro-Fiber) Technology for minimizing microplastic contamination, Clean Recycling Initiative, etc.

Montreal Canada

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