Heat-MX: Further insulations in compliance wi...

Further insulations in compliance with Clean Recycling Initiative


To make all of its product categories fully in compliance with the Clean Recycling Initiative, the supplier of thermal insulation products, Heat-MX Worldwide, Laval/Canada, has completed a major upgrade project.

The products comply to the initiative in thermal insulation material technology and can be cleanly recycled without any use of chemicals. As a result, the company’s product categories Compact MX, iDown and nDown are now in line with the other product categories, i.e. Loft MX, Stretch MX and Vegan Down MX, which have always complied with this important environmental program. Heat-MX is a brand of innovative thermal insulation material offering a wide range of products based on performance and application needs of such consumer products as apparel, footwear, sleeping bags and home textiles. nDown is patent-pending technology which matches or even exceeds the performance of natural down feather material without using any animal-based ingredients. The technology can be easily adopted for a wide range of products using down feather material, e.g. apparel, sleeping bags, home furnishing textiles. iDown is a patent-pending technology which also provides many performance benefits for a wide range of products using down feather material.


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