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Transparency in life cycle assessment

Gregory Mountain Products

Sustainability does not have to take second place to functionality. For the backpack specialist Gregory Mountain Products, Salt Lake City, UT/USA, a data-based life cycle analysis (LCA) of the outdoor backpacks is the guideline for the entire production process.

A specially developed life cycle assessment tool measures the impact of the backpacks on the environment along the entire path from development to disposal. With the new Katmia & Kalmia trekking backpacks and the equally functional Resin daypack, the first 2 series were designed based on these analysis results. Made predominantly from recycled materials, their footprint is up to 58% lower than production with conventional polyamide.
Software developed in cooperation with Thinkstep, Stuttgart/Germany (now Sphera Solutions, Leinfelden-Echterdingen/Germany) analyses the LCA of the backpacks holistically and starts at the product development stage.
This takes into account the manufacture of the raw materials, refinement, production and transport, as well as use and end-of-life of the products. The software enables products to be evaluated and intelligent design decisions to be made which reduce the impact on the environment as much as possible.
In addition to the carbon footprint, 5 other parameters are taken into account in the calculation: Acidification (negative impact on soil, forest and water), water pollution, ozone formation, primary energy demand (energy extracted from the earth) and blue water consumption (net intake and release from production to end of life of the product).

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