Gerber: Supporting companies transitioning to...

Supporting companies transitioning to PPE manufacturing


Based on a successful initiative in China, the supplier of integrated software solutions Gerber Technology, Tolland, CT/USA, announced the creation of the Gerber PPE Task Force and Resource Team to support their global customers and partners as they work to increase their production or transition to manufacturing personal protective equipment (PPE).

 More than 300 manufacturers, including major global companies, rely on Gerber’s advanced software, hardware solutions and expertise to produce masks and other PPE. Over the last few months, Gerber has helped several customers transition into producing protective masks and other much needed medical supplies including Taglio Marchesini, Bologna/Italy, and Shanghai Challenge Textile Co., Ltd., Shanghai/China.
The Gerber PPE Resource Team is available to support PPE manufacturing including:
•    implementing pre-defined patterns and markers or defining fabric/sewing requirements ,
•    helping with the setup of cutter parameters specific to the selected fabrics,
•    providing training, software, equipment and service technicians to ramp up production ,
•    changing over current production lines to the production of PPE,
•    connecting supply and demand for PPE via our global ecosystem of customers and partners,
•    introducing existing PPE manufacturers to those converting to PPE production.
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