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End-to-end hardware and software solutions increases productivity


In February 2020, Stoffus, Lda., Montemor-o-velho/Portugal, opened a brand-new facility and digitally transformed their processes with the objective of improving working conditions and growing their business.

When the global pandemic caused many companies to shift their production to personal protective equipment (PPE), the company leveraged the integrated solutions from Gerber Technology, Tolland, CT/USA, to not only run their normal business operations, but also keep up with growing demand for made-to-order furniture resulting in doubling its production capacity.
Stoffus is a leader in the development and construction of leather and fabric sofas in the Portuguese market.
Since the implementation of Gerber’s AccuMark and AccuNest software, digitizer, plotter and Gerbercutter Z1, Stoffus has seen a reduction in manpower (up to 50%), an improved material savings (1-1.5 m/sofa), and 100% increase in productivity. It is now possible to daily produce 25-30 sofas compared to previously 15 sofas.


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