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General Silicones

Innovation in non-slip silicone glove manufacturing

General Silicones

Many indoor and outdoor sports like fishing, cycling, and sailing benefit from the firm hold of silicone gloves and the material's resistance to water and UV damage. Companies are currently limited by manufacturing technology, which can be costly and hard to control.

Silicone product maker, General Silicones Co. Ltd. (GS), Taipei/Taiwan, innovates mass production with silicone rubber with the introduction of Compo-SiL technology. The company creates Compo-SiL silicone rubber sheets with a thin layer made of modified polyurethane (PU). This modification allows for the supplication of silicone rubber to gloves through standard roll-to-roll and heat press treatment. Using established adhesives e.g. PU reactive (PUR) and hot melt adhesive (HMA), the glove textile adheres to the PU layer of Compo-SiL. Baking is not needed to achieve adhesion with Compo-SiL silicone rubber.
The high-stress sporting gloves endure quickly damages prints and insignia. Compo-SiL enables the use of standard printing technology on the PU layer, leaving complete artistic freedom. It allows direct high-quality digital printing, increasing the production speed at lower expenses. After applying the printed rubber to the glove base material, the inward-facing printed PU layer is protected from mechanical stress, water, and UV radiation by the silicone top layer.
Silicone is also a sustainable alternative to plastic.

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