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Coatings and adhesives for technical textiles

Application examples of PVC plastisols
Application examples of PVC plastisols

The spectrum of products for technical textiles from Follmann GmbH & Co. KG, Minden/Germany, range from water-based polymer dispersions and PVC plastisols to coatings for digital printing. At the Techtextil, the company will present, among other things, its range of functional coatings. It will also be presenting its water-based coatings for digital printing media for the first time.

Functional coatings are used almost everywhere today. They should be able to reliably perform their various tasks both in everyday life, such as in the operating room, and under extreme conditions, such as on the high seas. With PVC plastisols and
water-based polymer dispersions, a wide variety of substrates, such as roofing membranes, geotextiles, transport or conveyor belts, are optimally equipped and adapted to almost any desired requirement. Depending on the conditions of the application, the properties a product should have, such as UV stability, flame retardancy, seawater resistance or slip resistance, can be combined almost unlimitedly.
For the first time at the Techtextil, Follmann will be presenting its water-based, ready-to-use coatings for digital printing media. They can be used to digitally print on numerous substrates such as paper, textiles, foils, nonwovens, wallpaper and canvas in further processing. The coatings with an environmentally friendly recipe are suitable for various ink and color systems – be it water-based pigment or dye inks, latex inks, solvent inks or UV-curing inks. The functional surface coatings enable high-quality printing results and guarantee very good color brilliance. Thanks to the high drying speeds, the printed media can be processed quickly.

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