Eschler : Innovative knitwear with technical ...

Innovative knitwear with technical application


At the Techtextil, Eschler Textil GmbH, Balingen/Germany, will be exhibiting a broad spectrum of knitwear products for technical applications. Products include fabrics for the medical and orthopedic sector, carrier materials for laminates and coating, cleaning textiles and numerous further special developments. The product spectrum extends from 2-dimensional qualities such as velour, mesh, elastic knit fabrics and loop pile to the 3-dimensional area and innovative spacer fabrics.

Eschler has been a subsidiary of Schoeller Textil AG, Sevelen/Switzerland, since 2012, whereby synergies, especially in the field of functionalization of textiles, can be optimally utilized.
The highlight of the fair and the focus of current developments at Eschler are smart textiles. Here the focus is on heating, luminous and sensory knits. In the field of heating textiles, together with Schoeller Textil AG, a heatable softshell jacket was created, which has been available on the market since the end of 2018. This technology is now to be transferred to technical applications.
The textile interior lighting of Eschler consists of a multi-layer composite system of spacer fabrics. The spacer knitted fabrics are responsible for the homogeneous distribution of the light and the acoustics of the room can be positively influenced. The "illuminated textile" offers advantages wherever high-quality ambient lighting and lightweight construction (container dwellings, shipbuilding, tiny houses, etc.) are required.
In the area of textile sensors, the company mainly deals with the detection of moisture and pressure. One of the latest developments is a textile switch that recognizes when a person touches the textile. The touch of the fabric in turn initiates a process (e.g. turning on the light). The close cooperation with electronics and software companies, as well as the commitment in specific working groups, enables a target-oriented implementation of customer requirements and the possibility to offer complete solutions.

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