Emtec: 25th anniversary

25th anniversary


On December 21, 2020, the manufacturer of testing technologies emtec Electronic GmbH, Leipzig/Germany, turned 25 years old. The company with 33 employees at its headquarters in Leipzig and 13 innovations,

partly with a variety of modules, particularly supports the paper, tissue, nonwovens and textile industries.
In 1995, its founder and general manager, Giselher Gruener, developed a completely new method to test the liquid penetration of paper products, the Penetration Dynamics Analyzer (PDA). The ultrasonic device can help to predict the gluing, printing and coating behavior of paper and board for use in the converting by measuring the converting process relevant parameters, surface sizing and surface porosity.
2006 saw the invention of the first objective testing device for measuring softness in the world, the Tissue Softness Analyzer (TSA). This innovative product has become an industrial standard over the years. A few years later, the company extended the concept to include the nonwovens and textiles industry by introducing the Tactile Sensation Analyzer.
The company presented the Fiber Zeta Potential Analyzer Online (FPO) in 2013. The fully automatic online-device transfers results in real-time to process control or to an internet server, allowing access to measurement results from anywhere in the world.

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