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Eltex of Sweden

New yarn fault detection system for tufting machines

Eltex Eye system installed on an artificial grass manufacturing machine
Eltex Eye system installed on an artificial grass manufacturing machine

Beta testing of the latest advanced version of the Eye yarn fault detection system for tufting machines by Eltex of Sweden AB, Osby/Sweden, is currently underway at the plant of a major high-end carpet manufacturer in the USA.

Such companies typically manufacture very expensive carpets made in a myriad of patterns and if faults are allowed to occur they can be very expensive to mend. The latest advanced tufting machines put significant limitations on the space that is available for yarn fault detection systems, and the Eltex Eye is very comprehensive, with each yarn individually controlled for a 100 % detection of every tufting yarn break and end out.
Unlike scanning inspection systems, each individual yarn position is monitored in real time. As a consequence, the company has concentrated on the further miniaturization of the sensors. The sensors are usually fitted between the feed rollers and the needles and based on the well proven piezoelectric principle. Their special compact design already enables them to be fitted on machines with gauges as dense as a tenth of an inch.
All of the data from the sensors is processed by a master control unit which provides stop and warning light indications to the extremely user-friendly operator terminal in response to any detected yarn fault.
With its 1st generation of the Eltex Eye the company has a good position in the carpet and artificial grass manufacturing sectors in recent years.

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