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Complete production lines for all nonwovens production processes

3D-Lofter (Source: Dilo)
3D-Lofter (Source: Dilo)

DiloGroup, Eberbach/Germany, with DiloSystems as the general contractor, delivers the complete range of machinery needed to produce needled nonwovens, and together with partners, thermobonded and hydroentangled nonwovens. The range of applications includes e.g. geotextiles, housing and roofing, automotive products, filtration, acoustics and insulation, artificial leather, wipes, nonwovens for upholstery and mattresses, all the way to medical or hygiene applications.

The lines can be supplied turnkey for a coordinated, professionally managed investment with a single responsibility to fulfil all needs technically and commercially. The complete staple fiber process equipment, starting at fiber preparation (DiloTemafa), continuing with web forming by carding (DiloSpinnbau), up to crosslapping and needling (DiloMachines) is built in-house. These complete line projects are developed in close contact with customers and on the basis of textile technological research and studies carried out in the technical center in Eberbach.

Recently Dilo has added hydroentanglement lines to its portfolio by cooperating with SICAM Srl, Milan/Italy, a producer of finishing and drying machinery for the nonwovens industry. The joint spunlace lines are able to fulfill demands and requirements for products having improved tensile strength ratios with high-speed carding and layering technology.

Also on offer is diloline 4.0 smart manufacturing, which is available to be used on every line. Numerous information modules can be recalled via mobile apps and cloud data (mindSpheres). These methods allow the user to improve control of the machines and to generate production data to further secure the complex functions within the production system independently of personnel and shift. Standstill times are decreased.

The new 3D-Lofter technology works like a 3D printer whose ink consist of fibers. the addition of adjustable amounts of fiber in a specific pattern on top of fiber mats or needled felts enables applications like decorative features, precise reinforcement or improved fiber mat quality. Nearly all fibers like PET, carbon or natural fibers are usable.

Dilo Also achieves steady improvements in the classic needling process. The needle pattern 8000X generates a new level of homogenous surface based on even distribution of stitches. At the same time, this needleboard allows a high stitching density at high line speeds, due to the high number of needles. Furthermore, related patterns like 6000X are ready to be used in Hyperpunch needlelooms.

Needle pattern 8000X (Source: Dilo)

“Microneedling” has been developed as an alternative to hydroentanglement. Optimized kinematics and very high stitch density generate intense but gentle needling at a high line speed. These fabrics can match hydroentangled products regarding quality and productivity at a weight of 60 g/m² and more. The ecological benefit is already achieved with basis weights below 60 g/m².


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