Datacolor: Digital color assessment of previo...

Digital color assessment of previously unmeasurable materials


Innovative technology brings objective color measurement to printed fabric, trim, yarn, lace and other material with SpectraVision.

With this instrument Datacolor, Lawrenceville, NJ/USA, a global leader in color management technology, has developed a solution to objectively measure and digitally communicate the color of previously unmeasurable materials, including multi-color prints, trim, yarn, zippers and lace, thereby saving costs and significantly shortening the time from concept to consumer.
Digital color assessment is the industry standard for textile materials with one, solid color. All other materials, which make up 50% of textiles, require visual evaluation – an inefficient, costly and subjective process. SpectraVision is a solution that enables consistent, repeatable color measurement of these so-called ‘unmeasurables’.
In this way, up to 50% of color approval process costs can be saved by decreasing strike offs, lowering color standard maintenance costs, and reducing physical sample shipments. Furthermore, the system can significantly shorten the development and production process.
Apart from that, the ColorReaderPro, a professional color matching device, will also be on display. The comprehensive color selection tool is characterized by user-friendly and efficient color matching. The very compact Bluetooth device works standalone or connected to the ColorReaderPro mobile app. It provides very good color matching performance, allowing matches to a corresponding paint color in seconds. The Highly accurate colour selection device that stores up to 10,000 colors.


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