Navis Tubetex: Lab Spray System is comparable...
Navis Tubetex

Lab Spray System is comparable to production machines


The current Covid-19 pandemic has even further highlighted the importance of quick reaction to market forces, especially regarding Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Indeed, an efficient and accurate transfer of lab testing results is key to reducing product development times to the production phase.

The finishing machine manufacturer Navis Tubetex, Lexington, NC/USA, presents with its brand Consultex the new Lab Spray System in spray application technology. Here, all of the machine components are installed into a single, compact unit which works with the same control features and precision application as the larger production machines. This guarantees a very good transfer of lab results to the production scale. The Lab System’s working width is 800 mm and can be ordered as a 1 or 2-sided spray configuration.
The Consultex Rotary Spray System is characterized by a streak-free uniformity of coverage and precise chemistry application amounts which is achieved through counter-rotating disks in combination with one full-width spray window. These same features have also proven successful for Consultex applications of print primer required in digital printing processes.

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