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Coatema Coating Machinery

Coating, printing and laminating plants


For more than 40 years, Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH, Dormagen/Germany, has produced machinery for the areas of coating, printing and laminating - for roll to roll applications of web formed substrates as well as for sheet coating.

The production and pilot plants are used in markets such as textile, film and paper coating.The field of pilot plants covers, among other things, innovative technologies like batteries, solar, prepregs, medicine, fuel cells and printed electronics for research institutes, universities and industry.
The company is focused on these high-tech markets, a comprehensive range of services and a large R&D center for coating, printing and laminating, and is able to offer complete lab-to-fab technologies (from small samples to finished products).
In addition to the classic coating and printing systems, various substrate pre- and post-treatments, dryer technologies, UV networking systems, calenders and nanoimprint processes can also be integrated into the mostly modular designed machinery. All machines can be designed either for clean room and protective gas atmosphere.
The "classic coating/printing system" consists of one unwinding, one or more coating systems, drying, post-treatment and rewinding with the aim of producing functional layers on web-shaped substrates. Coatema offers therefore more than 35 different coating systems, e.g. slot dies, flexogravure printers, rotary screen printing, micro roller, commabar, doctor blade, ultrasonic spray, inkjet, various dryer concepts, which are partly patented (e.g. floating dryers, hot air, sintering lines, special solutions) and various possibilities for pre- and post-treatment, as well as winding technology. The machines are modular. Therefore, the coating system, for example, can be easily and quickly expanded and a different system can be integrated. In addition to standard solutions, many machines are designed to customers’ specifications. One development, for increasing the flexibility of the machine, is the patent-pending Click & Coat concept. The customer can define and select his processes from more than 40 standardized modules, e.g. the laser scribing of ITO- coated PET films.

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