Cetex: Cooperation for the further developmen...

Cooperation for the further development of hybrid rovings


On October 2, 2020, the Cetex Institut gGmbH, Chemnitz/Germany, thermoPre Engineering GmbH, Chemnitz, and the spinning-mills for high tenacity filament yarns The FilamentFactory GmbH, Bad Hersfeld/Germany, signed a cooperation agreement concerning the development, production and marketing of novel hybrid materials.

In the last 3 years the Cetex institute has developed a plant technology for the production of hybrid rovings. By means of the patented process, different material combinations can be produced according to customer specifications. Material combinations of reinforcing fibers, (glass, basalt, carbon, aramid or high-strength polymer fibers) can be combined with matrix fibers (PP, PET, PA, PPS, PEEK), but also special combinations of different reinforcing fibers or the combination of reinforcing fibers with metal fibers.
Advantages of the new hybrid roving are the torsion-free and completely stretched fiber layer and the associated optimal utilization of the properties of the reinforcing fibers, as well as a good homogeneity.
Under the agreement, the process is jointly developed further by the project partners and transferred to series production.

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