CIRFS: 53rd edition of “Information on Man-ma...

53rd edition of “Information on Man-made Fibers”

CIRFS - 53rd edition of “Information on Man-made Fibers”
CIRFS - 53rd edition of “Information on Man-made Fibers”

The European Man-made Fibres Association (CIRFS), Brussels/Belgium, has published its latest statistical report on developments in the world man-made fibers (MMF) industry.

The report, “Information on Man-made Fibers”, is the 53rd edition of this valuable summary of all available information about this dynamic and growing industry. It gathers data on production of acrylic, cellulosic, polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, wool and cotton, in the world as a whole and in all the countries for which data exists; consumption and uses; world trade in man-made fibers, yarns and fabrics.

In 2016, MMF represented 75 % of all textile fibers produced worldwide, this percentage going up to 81 % in Europe. During the last 10 years, MMF production grew by around 5 % annually while cotton decreased by 1.6 % and wool by 1.2 %.

Europe is the world’s largest exporter of acrylic and cellulosic fibers, and the biggest producer of ultra-high strength fibers and of polypropylene fibers.

The report is available from CIRFS: PDF file by e-mail € 330, book by post € 370.

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