Brückner: Market leader in the field of machi...

Market leader in the field of machines for electronic glass

Andrew Ostrovsky - Fotolia

The rapid developments in the area of electronics lead to an ever increasing demand for so-called electronic glass. This glass serves as the basic material for printed circuit boards and is used due to its very good dielectric characteristics with up to 16 stacked layers of glass fabric.

The textile machinery producer Brückner Textile Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, Leonberg/Germany, develops its lines for continuous desizing and finishing. As a consequence, almost all well-known producers of electronic glass have a Brückner glass fabric finishing line in their plants. These lines produce material with fabric speeds of up to 120 m/min.

The orders placed with Brückner during the last 12 months for such lines by far exceeded all expectations. Several customers in Taiwan and China ordered glass fabric finishing lines, among them continuous desizing lines and finishing lines for extremely light fabric. Some of the finishing lines were ordered for universal use with light and heavier fabric weights from 23 to 202 g/m2.

The users of modern communication and semiconductor technology expect increasing capacity with lower weight.

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