Ascend: Novel odor-fighting without silver

Novel odor-fighting without silver


Clothing can be protected against the formation of odors throughout its entire service life. This is made possible by the new Acteev fiber technology with an antimicrobial active ingredient without silver content.

The manufacturer of fiber technologies Ascend Performance Materials, Houston, TX/USA, will launch new fiber technologies for textiles, apparel and filtration applications at K 2019 on October 16-19, 2019 in Düsseldorf/Germany.
Acteev is a textile resin with a non-silver antimicrobial additive to provide odor-fighting performance for the life of a garment. For apparel applications, Acteev is easily dyeable and does not discolor or wash away after laundering like topical fabric treatments.
Ascend is also developing a series of nonwovens PA66 nanofiber membranes with grades designed for apparel and filtration applications. When used in apparel, Ascend’s nanofiber membrane provides superior breathability in outerwear without being bulky or stiff, while maintaining protection from the elements.
The filtration grades of the company’s nanofiber membranes are designed for use in air- and hydrocarbon-filtration applications and offer increased efficiency with reduced pressure loss. Because the nanofibers are made from PA66, they are resistant to prolonged exposure to high temperatures and chemicals.

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