Ascend: Antimicrobial technology for textiles...

Antimicrobial technology for textiles and nonwovens


A technology specially formulated to guard against the growth of mildew, fungi and other microbes to keep textiles and nonwoven fabrics fresher for longer has been introduced by the manufacturer of fiber technologies Ascend Performance Materials, Houston, TX/USA.
The technology Acteev Protect combines zinc ion technology with polyamide (PA)-based woven, nonwovens and knit fabrics. The active zinc ions are embedded into the polymer matrix, providing a long-lasting solution that does not wash away, unlike topical finishes or coatings. The PA fabrics are durable yet soft to the skin, and the nonwovens filtration media – available as nanofibers, meltblown and spunbond – efficiently keep out unwanted particles.
Additionally, the fabrics feature all the benefits of premium PA, which offer more comfort than polypropylene (PP) in single-use masks and allows knits and woven fabrics to be dyed, printed on and laundered. PA 66 resists abrasion and does not pill or shed microfibers. It has a soft hand and very good drape, and it can be dyed solid or bright colors.
Uniforms or activewear made with Acteev Protect will be durable and comfortable and can be designed to match current color trends. Because the zinc ions are embedded during the polymerization process, articles made with Acteev Protect stand up to 50 washes or more.


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