Archroma: Improved binders with renewable raw...

Improved binders with renewable raw materials

(Source: Archroma)
(Source: Archroma)

A new grade of water-based polymeric binder based on renewable natural ingredients has been launched by Archroma. The new product in the Appretan NTR range offers a soft hand option and displays an even higher content based on natural, renewable raw materials. Appretan NTR6304 has an active content is based on a polysaccharide from 40% renewable raw materials. This is 10% higher than its predecessor on the market.

The new grade allows an option for textile and paper-based articles that require a soft hand, such as nonwoven cleaning rags, whereas Appretan NTR6553 was designed for food filtration articles where a hard element is needed with good boiling water resistance such as for coffee filters or tea bags. Of course, the 2 grades can be blended together to provide customized hand effects.

Initially developed for the chemical bonding of nonwovens and coating of textiles, the Appretan NTR range displays very good film forming properties and very hydrophobic behavior. In addition, the chemistry of these binders makes them resistant to water as well as mild solvents and also provides an increase in dry and wet tensile strength.

The products can be applied by impregnation or different coating techniques, whether paste or foam. They can also be applied in combination with other crosslinkers as its bio-polymer content provides exceptional high crosslinking functionality.

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