AATCC: Revised test method for antibacterial ...

Revised test method for antibacterial finishes on textile materials


One of the most commonly used test methods to measure antimicrobial activity on treated textiles is the AATCC TM100.

This method, developed in the 1960’s by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC), Research Triangle Park, NC/USA, and updated periodically, has now been updated to more accurately capture the performance of today’s antimicrobials that have a smaller environmental impact. This revised method provides the industry with more consistent and uniform test results.
The revised AATCC TM100-2019 eliminates the variability on many of the critical steps that previously led to variability in test results, even on identical substrate. Coupled with other standard protocols, this method will allow for a much clearer prediction of real-world antimicrobial activity on a treated article. It will provide better repeatability within laboratories and more importantly, reproducibility between laboratories.
AATCC TM100-2019 is now available for purchase through the AATCC website and it will also be included in the AATCC 2020 Technical Manual released January 2020.
Labs can evaluate their performance on antibacterial test methods by participating in the AATCC Proficiency Testing Program. Registration for 2020 rounds will open by October 2019. The Antibacterial Module is distributed in April.
For further information: www.aatcc.org

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