1st Dornbirn-GFC Startup-Days: Process for ch...
1st Dornbirn-GFC Startup-Days

Process for chemical recycling of cellulosic textiles


Founded in 2012 by a group of innovators, the startup re:newcell, Stockholm/Sweden, offers the world’s first scalable process for chemical recycling of cellulosic textiles into high quality dissolving pulp for fashion applications.

The recycling technology dissolves used cotton and other natural fibers into a new, biodegradable raw material: Circulose dissolving pulp. The customers can then turn Circulose back into high quality textile fibers. This is the link that has been missing from the cycle.
The business model of the startup is to sell Circulose dissolving pulp at a competitive price to buyers of conventional dissolving pulp. The company operates an industrial scale recycling plant in Kristinehamn/Sweden. It has an annual capacity of 7,000 tons, equal to 30 million t-shirts.
The startup was presented at the 1st Startup-Days of the 58th Dornbirn Global Fiber Congress (Dornbirn GFC) in Dornbirn/Austria from September 11-12, 2019.

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