Interview with Bastian Müller, GRDXKN: The sk...
Interview with Bastian Müller, GRDXKN

The sky is not the limit

Bastian Müller (Source: GRDXKN, Martin Patze)
Bastian Müller (Source: GRDXKN, Martin Patze)

At the IAA Mobility in Munich/Germany in September, the start-up GRDXKN in cooperation with the BMW Group presented a new type of outerwear with a novel protection function and protective effect. The integrated, volume-forming material is produced using a newly developed technology.

 Can you please explain these functional textile solutions? What distinguishes them from others?
GRDXKN enhances the textile with functions. The differences with others are first that it is not just one function, but many functions at the same time (e.g. not only abrasion protection, but also aerodynamics).
Second, GRDXKN technology is an integrative system. It does not require any other material, so no inserts etc. We print a structure on the existing textile using a special printing paste. This way we add virtually no weight and can maintain flexibility or manipulate it in a customized way. What we add are protective effects such as stabilization, abrasion protection, shock absorption, insulation, just to name a few.
Third, we can work with almost any material in almost any industry.

Which technology can be used to manufacture these materials? Can they also be produced at industrial scale?
GRDXKN is a structure printing technique which means that we can work in almost any printing company. As we issue license and usage rights GRDXKN can be used in partners' production facilities, as proven by ongoing productions around the world (i.e. Italy, Germany, Vietnam, Hungary).

What are the properties of these materials? How far do they differ from conventional materials?
GRDXKN is a component of another product/textile. We use the existing material, make it “shine” and add a new design, extraordinary aesthetics and several functions and therefore an additional value with our different pastes and structures.

(Source: GRDXKN)
(Source: GRDXKN)
Where do you see the biggest future opportunities for your functional solutions?
Since GRDXKN can be used in almost any industry, there are no limits, and the sky is not the limit either, as recent business discussions with skydivers prove. We are confident that materials researchers from almost every industry will recognize the possibilities that GRDXKN offers. At the very least, we hope we will have the opportunity to introduce GRDXKN to each and every one of the few who have not yet heard of us.
With GRDXKN, we have the opportunity to create a new kind of clothing. Because with 4D printing technology, we can think and design clothing in a whole new way.

At the moment, every new development, every new product should also be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Is this development sustainable as well?
We print with different printing pastes on materials supplied or selected by the partner/customer. GRDXKN structure printing is definately possible on sustainable materials. The printing pastes are 100% water-based, solvent-free and formaldehyde-free. The printing is optimized and prefabricated for zero-waste production.
In addition, we can get certification according to Oeko-Tex 100, bluesign or GOTS.
To further improve sustainability, we are working on the development of additives made from renewable raw materials, among other things.

GRDXKN – registered trademark
The interview was conducted by Mechthild Maas, editor of TextileTechnology, with Basian Müller, CEO of GRDXKN technology, Munich/Germany.

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