Statement by Ernesto Maurer: Energy shortage,...
Statement by Ernesto Maurer

Energy shortage, lockdown in China and sustainability

 Ernesto Maurer (Source: Cematex)
Ernesto Maurer (Source: Cematex)

In our opinion, energy, supply chain & raw material issues, sustainability & climate protection, traceability and skills shortages are among the biggest challenges currently facing the European textile industry. The TextileTechnology team asked different stakeholders in our industry the question: “What are the biggest challenges in the textile industry for 2023?” In this statement Ernesto Maurer, President of the European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers (CEMATEX), Zurich/Switzerland, gave us his assessment:

The availability of energy and the cost thereof are certainly very important factors for the competitiveness of our industry. It would be completely ignorant to say, that the war in Ukraine/Russia would not affect the textile production chain in Europe. However, I am more than confident, that the majority of our industry members (machinery and garment producers alike) will survive also this current crises!

The pandemic, the lockdown in China and the Russian/Ukrainian war have disrupted our supply chains drastically. Nevertheless, I feel a significant move going through our entire textile industry, that will render it more independent from single and offshore sourcing. I am convinced that among us textile machinery and textile producing companies have learned their lesson and are coming out stronger and healthier.
Sustainability, climate protection are tasks of the day, and I am sure that the majority of the players are implementing important measures therefor. However, if we use the expression “sustainable” we should not forget, that above all, the company’s business system has to be sustainable too, in order to solve all the other challenges. Therefore, sustainability in times of disruption and crisis is also a very important aspect of survival.

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