melliand International 1/2022: MELLIAND – new...
melliand International 1/2022

MELLIAND – new yet proven

Claudia van Bonn
Claudia van Bonn

The new year begins with a new MELLIAND, both for us and also for our readers.
The new one not only has a new concept – it is an English/German reversible title – it also has an increased frequency. From 2022, there will be 6 issues per year of the melliand reversible title, consisting of the German melliand Textilberichte and the English melliand International.
We decided to take this step because the textile industry and supply chains have become even more international in recent years. This means that in almost all companies where "our MELLIAND" is read, there are colleagues who prefer the German trade medium as well as colleagues who would rather read the English articles.
We have increased the frequency from 4 to 6 issues per year, which is more than justified as our innovative industry provides so much “material” and the global research landscape is continuously making developments that we would like to disseminate.

The exciting times ahead, which not only bring with them supply bottlenecks and climate change, but also the top issues such as health, sustainability and digitalization, cause us to constantly rethink our media.
We are in the midst of a significant transformation process. Climate change in particular is forcing us all to reassess our situation. The textile industry is considered one of the most environmentally damaging industries worldwide. At the 2021 World Climate Conference in Glasgow, the textile and apparel industry presented the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, in which companies committed to limit global warming to 1.5 °C. Manufacturing textiles under sustainable and circular aspects should become a matter of course. The trend is moving away from crude oil-based raw materials to biobased and biodegradable raw materials. Here, a close exchange between research, industry, brands and consumers is important, but also partnerships along the value chain and across industries are becoming increasingly important. As one of the oldest industries, the textile industry has shown time and again that it can quickly adapt to change. Therefore, we are confident that our industry will successfully meet these challenges.

There are already many exciting innovations and initiatives: we will report on them and support collaboration, networking and communication through our communication platform.
As already mentioned in the leader in melliand Textilberichte of September 2021, we have developed an umbrella brand concept for this purpose, under which all our trade media are combined. The trade media group consists of the English-language trade journal Chemical Fibers International (CFI), the bilingual magazines Technical Textiles/Technische Textilien (TT) and nonwovensTRENDS (nwT), the Chinese melliand China and now also the bilingual melliand magazine.
Additionally, there is our online platform, which is divided into the sections Fibers, Textile Technology, Technical Textiles, Nonwovens and melliand, and covers the entire value chain.
The new umbrella brand concept now bundles all these trade media under the TextileTechnology brand – the trade journals remain independent, while the online presences all converge at
Readers who have signed up for the free newsletters will receive them 4 times a week in their online inbox. For German-speaking users, there is also the melliand section, where we will continue to publish German-language news – the German melliand newsletter will continue to be sent to subscribers of melliand Textilberichte once a month.

The megatrend of digitalization is also changing reading behavior – in a flood of information, there is often little time left for reading longer articles, so a competent selection of articles by journalists who are experts in this field is crucial: quality journalism is in demand.
In the very difficult pandemic period for media companies and its 75th anniversary year in 2021, our publishing house – the dfv media group – has not only fixed comprehensive publishing principles but has also produced studies. The latest one, for example, concerns trade media and the impact of B2B advertising in these media. With our media, we want to continue to be close to the people, the topics and the industry developments and thus pass on the most relevant information and news to our readers and users.
As an independent trade media company, we work objectively and determine ourselves where we are heading, what we say or write, and how we act.
Textile technology, as a highly innovative branch of industry and science with a wide variety of applications including medical technology, vehicle construction, construction and aerospace technology, is constantly realigning itself – and so are we.
Claudia van Bonn
Textile Technical Trade Media
dfv media group

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