Vandewiele: Tufting developments and cut-loop...

Tufting developments and cut-loop samples at Domotex

(Source: Vandewiele)
(Source: Vandewiele)

Less waste, higher productivity and quick color changes combined with an ergonomic machine are keywords of the Vandewiele weaving machines at the Domotex 2023. At the world's leading trade show for carpets and floor coverings, which will be held in Hanover/Germany, from January 12-15, 2023, visitor can see many samples of handlook carpet qualities in reed 1000, 1200 and 1500 dents/m with an even improved back, thanks to the new integrated jacquard technology. Carpets woven on the RCE+ and the high speed RCF with Fast Creel makes cleaner color switches and weave structures with special floating possible.
In the category of “cut-loop samples”, Vandewiele NV, Kortrijk/Belgium, will show rugs made on the USF Universal Shaggy Cut Loop. This year’s edition also focusses on new tufting developments. Cobble-Vandewiele’s Dynamic Loop technology on Myriad allows quick loop pile height switches at high production output, even with extreme differences in pile height. The Colortec qualities in polyamide (PA) and wool will show high-definition design carpets in 1/10”, 1/7” and 5/32” and also plain carpet qualities. Artificial grass samples will also be on the stand at the Domotex.
The BCF Extrusion department is focusing on energy saving and easy handling.
Both are combined in the latest developments of the Seco system, which gives a very good color separation without the need for pre-intermingling. The Inca system gives superior tangle knot regularity and the highest savings towards air consumption for BCF intermingling in the market.
Savio is launching a new automatic winder Proxima Smartconer. This is a high-tech winding machine, capable of adapting to demands of Connectivity, Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The innovative machine features high-tech capabilities, with high productivity, low energy consumption, premium yarn quality, automation, and data connectivity.
A new singeing machine for knitwear was developed focusing on high quality levels of singeing, operational flexibility and economy, as well as tension-free fabric transport through the machine. This new product targets strongly growing demand in knitwear singeing. With respect to woven fabrics, Vandewiele will also present the new developments made in order to substantially reduce the gas consumption while offering high intensity singeing.
Superba is now offering its latest hot-air heat-setting solution. This triple-layer heat-setting process provides a high level of evenness and a highly homogenous fixation characteristic to the yarn, as well as stain resistance or enhanced bulk. The DHS3 line offers a high energy saving process in a reduced floor-space. To complete their range, Superba is also presenting their B403 automatic winder.
All the Vandewiele machines can be connected through cloud computing to the TEXconnect supervision system to comply with the Factory 4.0 concept.

Smartconer = registered trademark

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