Toray: Highly functional sports textiles

Highly functional sports textiles

(Source: Toray)
(Source: Toray)

Variable levels of functionality are needed to cover all customers’ needs and keep them dry and comfortable. Toray’s highly functional sports textiles, including Dermizax and Airtastic ranges, are presented at the ISPO trade fair from November 28-30, 2022, in Munich/Germany.
Dermizax Balance combines both hydrophobic and hydrophilic molecules to wick moisture away from the fabric, but still keep all external wind or water out. Molecular control technology makes this material suitable for rock climbing, skiing, or winter hiking. Dermizax Protect focuses on water resistance, which makes it ideal for marine sports, those who fish and all others who want to enjoy water-related activities in very good comfort. It offers water pressure resistance exceeding 20,000 mm of water column (mmH2O), with 30,000 and 40,000 mmH2O variants also available.
The final offering in the Dermizak range from Toray International Europe GmbH, Neu-Isenburg/Germany, is Dermizax Breathe which combines waterproofing with very good breathability, making it very suitable for running, cycling and other strenuous sports. Additionally, the water pressure resistance reaches up to 10,000 mmH2O. This fabric leverages moisture permeability to reduce any feeling of stuffiness and enhance wearer comfort.
Lightweight, durable, and windproof, the Airtastic range of garments feature fine-denier yarn offering compact and stretchable garments fit for all seasons. Wearability and weatherability coming together. At 19 g/m², Toray Airtastic is a very light down proof fabric.
Toray has developed a unique knitting construction forming a high-volume, dual-layer structure, boosting the loft but with weight unchanged. It has been made more durable and less prone to pilling. The Karuishi double-knit structure minimizes the number of loose fibers shed – a large step forward in the fight to eliminate microplastics emissions.

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