Toray: 100% plant-based PET for headrest cove...

100% plant-based PET for headrest covers


A new variety of nonwovens which partially consist of 100% plant-based polyester (PET) has been developed by Toray. All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA), Tokyo/Japan, will adopt this developed material to the headrest covers in ANA Green Jet, a special aircraft from November 2022.   
Ultrasuede nu is a nonwovens material for a genuine leather appearance with a base material of Ultrasuede and a special resin treatment applied to its surface.  
The latest developed by Toray Industries, Inc., Tokyo, is the first Ultrasuede product which partially consists of 100% plant-based PET for the ultra-fine fibers on the surface of the base material. In addition, about 30% plant-based polyurethane (PU) is used inside of the nonwovens structure, and about 30% plant-based polyester is used in the reinforcement fabric called scrim, making this developed product the highest level of plant-based raw material content for the nonwovens material for a genuine leather appearance.  
Toray is developing 100% plant-derived polyesters in line with efforts to make its mainline polymers bio-based to help materialize a carbon-neutral, circular economy that does not depend on fossil resources. The new material is light with comfortable breathability and is environmentally conscious non-animal (vegan) product.
ANA decided to adopt Ultrasuede nu because it is the environmentally conscious material that combines luxurious texture, design, and high functionality.

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