Textechno : New standard for drapability

New standard for drapability

(Source: Textechno)
(Source: Textechno)

Textechno and partner Saertex have developed international standard to quantify material behavior in terms of drapability and deformability, which was recently published by ISO.
The new standard ISO 21765 allows the world-wide comparable measurement of all relevant parameters regarding the deformability and drapability of all kinds of fabrics, including woven fabrics and NCFs as well as knitted fabrics and nonwovens on precision testing equipment Drapetest from Textechno Herbert Stein GmbH & Co. KG, Mönchengladbach/Germany. This can be very useful in carbon fiber recycling since important applications of recycled carbon fibers will be in nonwovens.
In the framework of a publicly funded project which started in 2011, Textechno developed the automatic drapability tester Drapetest along with other partners, amongst them Saertex GmbH & Co. KG, Saerbeck/Germany. This testing instrument quantifies not only the force, which is required for deforming a fabric, but also the various defects such as gaps, undulation, or wrinkles which can arise due to the deformation.

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