Texon: Robust, waterproof and breathable text...

Robust, waterproof and breathable textiles

(Source: Texon)
(Source: Texon)

Technologies under the spotlight at up-coming trade fairs from Texon will include ProWeave and a range of structural component products that have been re-engineered to make them even more eco-friendly.

Texon Inc., San Francisco, CA/USA, has increased the recycled content of many of its best-known structural components and has enhanced the sustainability of the manufacturing processes. Designed to enable the production of high performing footwear, these include Ecoline insoles; BioForm heel counters; and Sportflex Eco & Bio toe puffs.

A natural extension to Texon's footwear and material expertise, ProWeave delivers zonal, multi-directional stretch, which in turn provides stronger and enhanced structural support. ProWeave can adjust to the body, and for outdoor apparel and footwear, is helping manufacturers with new possibilities for design and production of waterproof, lightweight materials. In the safety market, ProWeave can be engineered to create shoe uppers and garments that are robust and waterproof, but also breathable and comfortable. Further products from Texon include the Texon Knox & Texon Enigma Zero HT3 innovative insole materials that provide protection against sharp objects such as nails and tacks, as well as Texon No-Tear & Texon T Nova next generation high-performance fabrics that are suitable for use in both safety footwear and clothing.

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