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Wearable and remote sensing technology

(Source: TechBlick)
(Source: TechBlick)

The 5th event of 2021 hosted by online learning platform TechBlick will cover 3 overlapping themes: wearable sensors and continuous vital signs monitoring, electronic textiles and skin patches, and printed sensors and actuators.
TechBlick, a subsidiary of KGH Concepts GmbH, Frankfurt/Germany, will coordinate the co-located live (online) event with exclusive "in-person virtual" exhibition and networking on October 13-14, 2021.
Leading companies will present the latest developments in wearable as well as remote sensing technologies for continuous measurement and modulation of body parameters covering glucose, heart rate, blood pressure, sweat, brain and beyond. Invasive as well as non-invasive approaches will be covered. Furthermore, electronic skin patches, e-textiles and brain-computer interfaces, as well as remote non-contact camera, radar or voice-based technologies will be included. All aspects from end user perspectives to mass production progress to enabling materials and components, and finally, to the latest research breakthroughs, will be incorporated in the presentations.

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