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Closing the loop with waste management

(Source: Sympatex)
(Source: Sympatex)

Instead of focusing solely on the durability and reparability of a product, Sympatex sees waste management as part of its own accountability. In this way, each company becomes liable for its collateral damage upstream in the supply chain. For this reason, Sympatex is positioning itself very deliberately in the Sustainability Hub at the ISPO trade fair from November 28-30, 2022 in Munich/Germany.
Keeping with the current noticeable turnaround in the industry, Sympatex Technologies GmbH, Unterföhring/Germany, a leader in the field of ecologically sustainable and recyclable functional textiles, is devoting itself to a systems approach. The company wants to raise awareness and call for participation in the whole system change with the tailwind and necessity of the EU regulations.
At the ISPO 2022, Sympatex will focus on the “EU Spring Package”, the forthcoming textile strategy and legislation on a circular economy on the part of the European Commission. The company interprets the legal requirements for designers, product managers and the management of the sports and outdoor industry in the form of the “7 Golden Eco-Design Rules” in order to promote a circular future. Visitors can find out which measures have to be taken by 2030 in order to comply with the regulations of the European Commission in time.
The winner of the ISPO Textrends Award Fall/Winter 2024/25, the product L1679 STX Antholz Spring C0, will also be exhibited. The 3-layer laminate represents the company’s mono-material strategy. Made from recycled polyester (PET), the product already meets the requirements of the “EU Spring Package” and is fully recyclable.

New workshop format

The project “Sympathy-Lab Workshops x ISPO 2022”, sponsored by Sympatex, will also take place at ISPO. Here, various working groups will produce live round-table discussions in the exhibition hall on relevant topics of sustainability and innovation.

(Source: Sympatex)
(Source: Sympatex)
Thematically, the discussion rounds will be dedicated to the new generation of the outdoor industry, who can express wishes – in terms of content, organization, structure, strategy and attitude. The topics “Beloved Retail”, “Sustainable Design”, “Corporate Sustainability”, “Cognitive Consonance”, “Digital Fashion” and “Sustainable Communications” offer maximum potential to learn.
Since December 2021, the “Sympathy Lab” webinar series has stimulated a visionary, open dialogue around relevant and sustainable topics. In cooperation with various, well-known partners and change leaders, the industry talk will also be held regularly in 2022. Here, how circularity can work for the entire outdoor and textile industry will be jointly initiated and learned.

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