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High-performance yarn production from Switzerland

(Source: Swissmem)
(Source: Swissmem)

High-performance yarns now offer almost unlimited possibilities for replacing traditional raw materials in a vast range of technical applications. At the Swiss Pavilion of the Swiss Textile Machinery Association (Swissmem), Zurich/Switzerland, at the Techtextil 2022 in Frankfurt/Germany, members will show their expertise in this area.
Developed for a wide range of uses with high-strength technical fibers, air splicers from Heberlein AG have no problems splicing aramid fibers up to 16,100 dtex, carbon up to 30,000 dtex, Dyneema up to 5,500 dtex, and glass up to 4,800 tex. Using compressed air, the splicers produce a tear-resistant, homogeneous splice of material without interfering knots.
Retech AG has the technology to achieve impressive specifications for filament yarns, drawing and stretching fibers to perfection. Top heated godet rolls – many customized – are developed for high-performance fibers. Temperatures up to 400°C can be achieved. Combining the right settings and wide speed ranges for each specific process results in unique end-products.
Fabric producers of high-end applications must avoid any quality risk. Yarn producers therefore use precision package winders for technical yarns, developed by SSM Textile Machinery, a subsidiary of Rieter Holding AG. Taking yarns from ring twisting bobbins, its specialist finish winders can produce coarse-count technical yarns up to 50,000 dtex, offering a new level of flexibility and winding quality.

In the area of twisting and cabling machines for the automotive industry, Saurer AG offers ideal machines for the production of technical yarns made from a variety of feed materials in a very wide yarn count range. They are needed for vehicle products such as tire carcasses, toothed engine belts, seat belts, airbags and lorry tarpaulins.
Technical yarns also play a role in mobile devices. Tapping, scrolling and swiping are largely made possible by twisted glass fibers. Bräcker, part of Rieter’s components business, offers a selection of vertical sinter metal rings and PA travelers for glass fiber twisting.
Automotive and communication technology are already important industries for Swissmem members, along with well-known technical textiles markets in sectors such as medical, transport and construction. Smart-wear is already noted as a field with significant potential. Furthermore, innovative Swiss textile machinery is already applied in energy (batteries), and plastics.
Looking to the future, Switzerland is the hub of innovation for partners seeking consultancy, components and machines. Members already work closely with industry-oriented, non-profit research institutions, building relationships to explore the unlimited future potential in the expanding world of technical textiles.

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