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Cooling textiles replace air conditioning

(Source: Pervormance international)
(Source: Pervormance international)

Climate researchers and doctors have been pointing out for some time that too much heat causes problems. This summer we are experiencing this once again: Not only do we feel tired, but the high temperatures also pose a threat to our health, concentration and performance. To protect our health, it is important to provide effective heat protection.
E.Cooline cooling textiles from pervormance international effectively cool the body through the evaporation of water with a cooling capacity of up to 660 W/h for up to 20 hours. The high-tech fleece Cooline SX3 has the property to bind large amounts of water within seconds inside the 3D material and to store it directly on the 3D fibers. This creates an enormously large surface area of water molecules, which is capable of highly active cooling in any heat situation. No water droplets or condensation form under pressure. All E.Cooline products can be activated with water in seconds, dry quickly and are ready to use immediately with cooling power. This allows anyone indoors or outdoors to be cooled in a climate neutral and sustainable way. E.Cooline products are washable at 30°C and are also hygienic, thanks to Deoxx fresh finishing.
Curtains with the cooling high-performance fabric were launched at the GreenTech Festival in Berlin/Germany from June 22-24, 2022. The curtains can be activated by simply spraying with cold tap water or from a spray bottle. The curtains are immediately dry again afterwards, and do not drip. Instead, the water evaporates and thus provides pleasant cooling with up to 660 W/h and a healthy indoor climate in a matter of seconds. In this way, up to 97% CO2 is saved compared to air conditioning systems.
Alongside the curtains, the E.Cooline Powercool SX3 blanket was also presented. The cooling blanket is also made of the Cooline SX3 high-tech fleece and is simply sprayed with cold tap water before use with the supplied spray bottle and thus activated. Users can choose whether the entire blanket or only certain parts should be actively cooled. The soft material is immediately dry again and provides a pleasantly dry, restful sleeping climate.
pervormance international GmbH, Ulm/Germany, is a pioneer in the field of washable and hygienic functional cooling clothing. Since 2010, the company has been developing technically sophisticated functional textiles for body cooling in the areas of sports, occupational safety and health. Since 2013, production has also been climate-neutral, making it one of the first climate-neutral textile companies in the world.

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