Nextiles: Sensor technology in bra supports b...

Sensor technology in bra supports breastfeeding

(Source: Nextiles)
(Source: Nextiles)

To bring the next level of breast pumping technology to new mothers, smart fabric technology company Nextiles is expanding its modular data capture platform by partnering with technology and women’s health brand Lilu.

The companies are using the advanced breast pumping massage bra from Lilu, New York, NY/USA, and integrating sensor technology from Nextiles Inc., New York, to create novel performance data for new mothers and the broader healthcare industry.

Nextiles’ patented manufacturing process blends traditional sewing techniques with printed circuit boards to embed flexible sensors directly into fabrics for a breastfeeding-friendly bra. Using fabric such as polyamide and elastane, the breast pumping bra is designed to be very comfortable and is even machine washable for easy cleanup.

The bra will collect data to provide mothers with insights about their lactation. The data captured from Lilu’s bra and Nextiles’ custom-embedded circuitry will be powered by Nextiles’ newly launched software development kit (SDK), allowing Lilu to own and build custom algorithms for the Femtech industry. Lilu’s user app will implement Nextiles’ SDK and will display numerous datasets to help mothers optimize breastfeeding and breast pumping routines and maximize milk production while wearing the hands-free and self-massaging bra.

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