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Innovative water resistance testing

HydroView (Source: James Heal)
HydroView (Source: James Heal)

As more and more brands are investing in new materials and making performance claims on water resistant/waterproofing, the hydrostatic head test is one of the most common ways to test. With the aim hydrostatic head testing should be simple, James Heal developed HydroView to provide users with an easier to use instrument.
The new HydroView machine is a natural addition to the growing performance testing range of James H. Heal & Co. Ltd., Halifax/UK. It was developed following extensive user research around hydrostatic head testing, where James Heal’s product innovation team discovered that users were looking for an instrument that is more flexible and user friendly than what was currently available on the market. James Heal, has developed an alternative solution to testing water resistance in fabrics with its new HydroView hydrostatic head tester, for testing materials which have an end use that requires water resistance, to measure the penetration of water. This includes materials produced for a range of applications across the medical, apparel, geotextiles and nonwovens sectors - from protective gloves, diving dry suits, winter sports apparel, to fishing waders, roofing, tenting and ground sheets and more.
James Heal claims to have also simplified water management with HydroView. An integrated pump automates the filling and emptying of the instrument for testing and enables fine adjustment of water levels. The machine includes a wastewater drawer, removing the need for any additional plumbing which saves time and cost when conducting tests. An integrated camera system, with a “zoom and mark” feature, is capturing an image when the user detects a drop, supporting live and post-test analysis. Testing with HydroView is made fast, simple and intuitive, for greater throughput, and accurate, consistent and reliable results.

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