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End-to-end suite of high-performance solutions

(Source: Huntsman)
(Source: Huntsman)

Consumers increasingly want both sustainability and performance when choosing apparel and other textile products. With this in mind, Huntsman will be showcasing its extensive and complete end-to-end suite of solutions for various applications, including technical and functional apparel, and home and hospitality textiles, at the Techtextil from June 21-24, 2022, in Frankfurt/Germany.
Innovations and solutions being showcased at Techtextil include resource-saving solutions, eco-friendly stain and rain resistance, innovative dyes, digital inks, high-performing and sustainable towel solutions, flame-retardants and odor-control solutions.
The Avitera SE Fast process is a innovative technology that delivers low environmental impact for dyeing polyester-cellulosic blends. It combines alkali-clearable Terasil W/WW disperse dyes and Avitera SE reactive dyes to cut processing time from around 9 hours to just 6. This helps reduce the water and energy required for production by up to 50% and increase output by up to 25% or more. Avitera SE Fast also delivers very good wet-fastness to ensure that sportswear will not bleed or stain during home laundering.
Teflon EcoElite with Zelan R3 technology is a renewably sourced water-repellent finish. It contains 63% plant-based materials and exceeds performance levels possible with traditional fluorinated technologies, offering very good water repellency and durability while preserving breathability.
Phobotex is an advanced and comprehensive range of water repellents that can be quickly, easily and safely applied to any substrate to ensure softness and comfort as well as lasting protection against rain and everyday stains. The latest additions to the range – Phobotex RDE, Phobotex RSY and Phobotex REC – provide very good protection in extreme environments, allowing the production of sustainable textile products without compromising performance.
Teratop dyes are designed to meet all levels of light-fastness requirements for polyester textiles, making them ideal for outdoor furniture, awnings, banners and automotive textiles. They are manufactured according to stringent production practices and quality standards to achieve high shade reproducibility.
Novacron EC dyes have high solubility, good diffusion and levelness, and high fixation. They are suitable for short liquor ratio dyeing, with outstanding compatibility, very good reproducibility, easy washing-off and good all-round fastness. The latest addition to the range is Novacron Atlantic EC-NC, the industry’s first blue element that delivers chlorine - and nitrogen oxide (NOx) - fastness alongside lightfastness for textiles.
Huntsman Textile Effects, Singapore, has built high-performance digital ink ranges for all textile substrates and applications, delivering bright lasting colors and very good stability, runnability and reproducibility, along with highest wash-fastness. The company also offers robust and innovative solutions for home and institutional textiles for a multitude of end-uses. Solutions range from pre-treatment to coloration and finishing effects to produce high-quality, eco-friendly towels for households, hospitals, hotels and more.
Pyrovatex and Flovan product ranges deliver a complete portfolio of flame-retardant products designed for a wide range of end-uses and high-performance functional textiles.
Huntsman will also showcase antimicrobial and odor-control solutions as part of its partnership with Sciessent, Beverly, MA/USA.
Sciessent’s latest anti-odor technology, Nobo, has been specifically developed to reduce body odors in natural and synthetic fabrics. It can be incorporated into virtually any fabric, making it ideal for everything from socks and underwear to trousers and jackets. It offers a cost-effective way to upgrade everyday garments.
In addition, the partners will also present Sciessent’s Agion Active X2, a next-generation odor-control solution that combines advanced antimicrobial and odor-absorbing technologies to both capture and fight odor-causing bacteria, and Lava X2, a standalone odor-adsorption product and key component of Agion Active X2 that attracts, adsorbs and degrades odors for long-lasing odor protection.
»The future of sustainable textiles largely depends on the industry’s ability to minimize resource use.«
Markus Dueblin, Commercial Director – EMEA & Turkey, Huntsman Textile Effects

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