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Radiant barrier technology insulation material

(Source: HeiQ)
(Source: HeiQ)

The best way to avoid losing body heat is by keeping it where it belongs when it is needed the most. HeiQ XReflex is a patented, innovative radiant barrier technology that reflects heat back to the body, maintaining the same level of warmth in some cases with as little as half the amount of insulation material.
HeiQ XReflex is the result of a joint development between HeiQ Materials AG, Zurich/Switzerland, and Xefco Pty. Ltd., Eveleigh/Australia. An ultra-thin heat-reflective surface is added to one side of the fabric by high-tech vapor deposition. This mitigates the body’s natural heat loss, creating a radiant barrier that reflects far infrared rays, increasing heat retention whilst maintaining breathability to remain comfortable in all types of activities.
Up to 50% reduced bulk makes HeiQ XReflex a sustainable solution for a wide range of applications: from active outdoor apparel jackets, vests, gloves, shoes, lifestyle dress jackets, mattress toppers, duvets, blankets, sleeping bags, etc.
HeiQ partnered with Dormeo International, High Wycombe/UK, a well-known sleeping and living brand, to develop the Dormeo Polar, a lightweight and warm, super comfortable duvet. HeiQ provided HeiQ XReflex as an innovative barrier layer that works in synergy with the natural heat emitted by the body. This way, the usage of materials could be dropped to 50%, while offering the same warmth. We met Dormeo brand standards, wishes and specifications, delivering on multiple levels.
(Source: HeiQ)
(Source: HeiQ)

HeiQ and outdoor apparel manufacturer The North Face, Alameda, CA/USA, a brand of the VF Corp., Greensboro, NC/USA, collaborated to create warmer apparel and sleeping bags without the bulk, adopting HeiQ XReflex to provide the optimal warmth-to-weight ratio making the gear easier to pack and lighter for mobility.

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