Filtrex 2022: Focus on health and mobility
Filtrex 2022

Focus on health and mobility

(Source: Edana)
(Source: Edana)

The Filtrex is an opportunity for professionals in the filtration and nonwovens sector to meet, network and gain the latest insights on crucial developments in the sector. The role of filtration in health and mobility will be the main themes of this year’s Filtrex Europe conference and exhibition, which takes place in Berlin/Germany on November 8-9, 2022.
The first session of the 2-day event, which has been organized by the leading international association serving the nonwovens and related industries, Edana, Brussels/Belgium, will open with a keynote address from Bogi Eliasen, director of health at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, Copenhagen/Denmark. Eliasen will address the concept of “The Home as the Health Catalysator” and highlight the importance of indoor air filtration, as we spend most of our time living and working indoors.
The session continues the focus on air filtration with technical presentations on improving the stability of electrostatic charge and on advanced testing of viral reduction efficacy.
The opening session on day 2 will focus on mobility and readiness for electric vehicles (EV). Fransua-Vyautas Razvadauskas, cities and mobility senior consultant at Euromonitor International, London/UK, will address the infrastructure and sustainability challenges of a major shift to EVs and present the “EV Readiness Index”. The transition to EVs is happening but what challenges will it generate? Other presentations in this session will cover HL3 certified filter bags for trains, and on improvements on cabin air filters for cars.
The first day also includes a session on technology and presentations on reducing defects in electrospinning and wetlaid technology that allows gradient structures and improved filter bags for APC.
The afternoon session of day one is dedicated to sustainability and focuses on fibers. It will cover the use of recycled material, also in charged media, the introduction of profiled bi-component fibers (in coalescence media) and the introduction of a grade of PLA suitable for meltblown.
The program concludes with a session on tests and standards. This is very important to properly evaluate the performance of filter media. A new GBT standard on air-purifiers will be introduced, as well as state-of-the-art porosity measurements and their relevance. This is followed by the first classification system for molecular filters for general ventilation and finally with an overview of efficiency testing and the influence of the measuring technology used.
The first day will also showcase the 3rd edition of the Filtrex Innovation Awards, an accolade which honors the efforts of manufacturers of nonwovens-based filtration products/elements and celebrates their continuous efforts for excellence and innovation.
The entire program can be found here.

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