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EverCare/Sweet Living Group

Next generation zinc oxide

(Source: Pexels)
(Source: Pexels)

A new generation of masterbatches provides batch to batch performance guarantee and can be used to produce compounds and yarns (PETG, PP, PE, PA) for the textile industry, ensuring very good odor control, anti-microbial/mold and mildew-resistance, and UV blocking properties. EverCare and Sweet Living Group developed the new range of masterbatches to provide a higher level of dispersion of zinc oxides, based on the EcoZinc and Tenray technology.
The Sweet Living Group, LLC (SLG), Virginia Beach, VA/USA, a leader in zinc oxide (ZnO) technology for the textile and laundry detergent industries, and EverCare, Raleigh, NC/USA, a leader in high quality zinc oxides and raw material innovation, will commercialize the new products under the EcoZinc brand, providing protection for people, textiles, and the environment.
SLG’s know-how enhances textiles by controlling odor, providing anti-microbial/mold and mildew-resistance, incorporating ultraviolet protection, increasing resistance to degradation, and enhancing flame resistance. EverCare is focused on innovation, supply and expertise of high-quality ultra-fine zinc oxides for personal care and industrial applications, such as coatings, textiles and plastics. 


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