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Innovation prize for fiber-based radiation protection

Robert Brüll, FibreCoat (left) und Georgi Gogoladze, DBF (right), (Source: Tom Schulze)
Robert Brüll, FibreCoat (left) und Georgi Gogoladze, DBF (right), (Source: Tom Schulze)

To protect against electromagnetic radiation, DBF has developed a new fiber material together with FiberCoat. This effectively and cheaply shields against electromagnetic radiation from digital end devices, medical technology or batteries in e-cars.

The innovative combination of basalt and aluminum as a key material of the digital future was awarded the overall prize of this year's IQ Innovation Award Central Germany (IQ Innovationspreis Mitteldeutschland) at the online award ceremony broadcast live from Leipzig/Germany on June 24, 2021.

DBF Deutsche Basalt Faser GmbH, Sangerhausen/Germany, together with FibreCoat GmbH, Aachen/Germany, developed a completely new material: the core of the fiber is the natural stone basalt. This is melted, spun out, coated with aluminum and finally processed into a yarn called "AluCoat". This is then used to make a fabric. The textile is conductive and shielding like previous solutions, but lighter, stronger and additionally cheaper as well as more sustainable. Instead of 10 process steps, only one is necessary. The price is about 20 times cheaper.

Flexible in application, the textile can be used as wallpaper in offices or medical rooms, for example, to shield against the increasingly important 5G radiation, or as battery sheathing to ensure the smooth functioning of electric cars. Some companies are already working with it in practice, and a European fiber center is planned in Sangerhausen for mass production.
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