Composites Evolution : Flax-epoxy prepregs wi...
Composites Evolution

Flax-epoxy prepregs with reinforcement grid

(Source: Composites Evolution)
(Source: Composites Evolution)

To achieve the full performance of natural fibers, prepregs from Composites Evolution have been tailored to be compatible with a reinforcement grid from Bcomp. This enables the same stiffness and weight as thin-walled monolithic carbon fiber parts while decreasing the CO2 footprint by 85% and improving safety thanks to a blunt braking behavior without dangerous debris or sharp edges.

Evopreg ampliTex prepregs combine the high-performance Evopreg epoxy resin systems by Composites Evolution Ltd., Chesterfield/UK, with the ampliTex flax reinforcements by Bcomp Ltd., Fribourg/Switzerland, to deliver a family of materials which offer very good performance for component applications.

The laminators found the new materials are very easy to use, with good drape and tack to the molds. Evopreg ampliTex + powerRibs have recently been used to produce a demonstrator bonnet panel for a race-bred supercar. The demonstrator is a 2-part molding, with both inner and outer produced using Evopreg ampliTex EPC300-F300T 2×2 twill prepreg, backed with powerRibs. The air duct components were 3D-printed using a Stratasys Fortus 450MC machine. Bonded using polyurethane adhesive to minimize A-surface witnessing, the whole assembly weighs just 4 kg.


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