Cilander: Multivitamin underwear

Multivitamin underwear

(Source: Cilander)
(Source: Cilander)

Harmful environmental factors, a lack of sleep or emotionally challenging situations can all cause stress. Vitamins C and E, as well as ginger oil, help and support our bodies when dealing with stress. The innovative R-Vital multivitamin underwear shirts from Cilander transfer the revitalizing substances almost continuously into the body through the skin.
Using innovative technology in compliance with strict ecological and social standards, AG Cilander, Herisau/Switzerland, has successfully incorporated vitamins C and E, and ginger oil in encapsulated liquid form into textile materials, which can then be hardened using a specially developed drying process. After several process steps, the raw material has been transformed into a high-quality, functional fabric containing 100 mg of vitamin C, 200 mg of vitamin E and 50 mg of ginger oil per square meter.
After 20 wash cycles at 40°C, around 10% of the R-Vital multivitamin capsules are still active in the fabric. The finishing process does not affect the comfort of the fabric. With high cotton content, the underwear shirts are especially soft and skin friendly. They are certified to ISO and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 requirements and bear the Dermatest seal. 

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