Carrington: Weaving sustainability into new f...

Weaving sustainability into new fabrics

(Source: Carrington Textiles)
(Source: Carrington Textiles)

Global workwear textile manufacturer Carrington Textiles has launched 9 new fabrics developed using sustainable fibers. These include recycled polyester (rPET), Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and organic cotton as well as a new technology that biodegrades synthetic fibers, utilized in workwear fabrics. A flame-retardant fabric is also being introduced to the market with a high durability that in turn gives garments a longer life.
The stretch fabrics Constance 210 g/m² and Balaton 255 g/m² incorporate Repreve rPET made from plastic bottles, and BCI cotton in their composition. They also utilize the high stretch technology from Xlance which is eco-friendly, solvent-free, and produced using 100% renewable energy.  
Kielder 185 g/m² consists of 50% BCI cotton and 50% Repreve. Part of the Balance Range, it offers a very good soft feel due to its 4/1 twill, a PET face for greater durability and cotton inside for increased wearer comfort. The Delamere fabrics come in 210 g/m² and 245 g/m² weights. They include 65% recycled Repreve PET and responsibly sourced cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) program. The Rivington family at 205 g/m² and 220 g/m² offers leisure finish as a standard for a soft feel and incorporates 65% rPET as well as 35% BCI cotton. These fabrics also provide the benefits of mechanical stretch.
To help tackle the issue of microfibers in the oceans, Carrington Textiles Ltd., Adlington/UK, has adopted CiClo technology, which allows polyester to degrade like natural fibers. With a weight of 245 g/m² each, Hawksbill fabric includes 65% CiClo polyester and 35% organic cotton, while Orca incorporates 26% recycled CiClo polyester, 29% virgin CiClo polyester and 35% BCI cotton.

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