Beaulieu: Fibers for use in football pitches

Fibers for use in football pitches

(Source: Beaulieu)
(Source: Beaulieu)

PP straight fibers manufactured by Beaulieu Fibres International, Wielsbeke/Belgium, are used by Mansfield Sand Co., Ashfield/UK, to manufacture Fibresand and Reinforced Rootzones. These are a natural sports product used in the top 100 mm within the pitch construction profile, which enhances the natural grass root structure while giving the pitches increased stability and resilience. The technology is being used by many of the leading football clubs in the UK to maintain the performance of their natural grass pitches.

Fibresand products can be an alternative option to the use of synthetic grass, combining the feel and performance of natural grass while answering the increased durability question.

Beyond football, Fibresand products are being used in a variety of winter sports pitches, the equine market and are increasingly being specified for urban public green space and landscape projects to reinforce natural grass areas and maintain aesthetics even when suffering from heavy traffic burden.

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