Asahi Kasei: Airbag production in Vietnam
Asahi Kasei

Airbag production in Vietnam

(Source: Asahi Kesai)
(Source: Asahi Kesai)

A new company has been established for the production of fabrics for airbags. Asahi Kasei Airbag Fabric Vietnam Co., Ltd. (AFV) in Thai Binh Province/Vietnam, is a collaboration between Asahi Kasei Corp., Osaka/Japan (74%), and Asahi Kasei Advance, Tokyo/Japan (20%), together with Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., Tokyo (7%).
As a manufacturer of material for airbags, the Asahi Kasei Group has been manufacturing and selling Leona PA 66 filament, operating a joint venture with Teijin Frontier manufacturing fabric for airbags in China, and manufacturing and selling sewn fabric.
Featuring exceptional strength, heat resistance, durability, and light weight, Leona PA 66 filament has been adopted in various industrial applications, most notably as airbag yarn and tire cord for the automobile industry. By manufacturing airbag fabric in Vietnam, AFV will enhance the Asahi Kasei Group’s ability to meet growing demand and quickly respond to the diversifying needs of customers through integrated production encompassing feedstock, yarn, fabric, and sewing, while providing added value and strengthening the overall airbag material supply chain.
Vehicle airbags are a major application, and continuing growth is forecasted as vehicle production rises in Asia, safety requirements become higher, and the number of airbags per vehicle increases. Furthermore, customers’ needs for airbags are expected to diversify as markets trend toward CASE (connected, autonomous, shared/service, electric) and sustainability.

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