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Armor ASCA

Sustainable solar-powered clothes

(Source: Armor ASCA/Art by Physicist)
(Source: Armor ASCA/Art by Physicist)

A Silicon Valley tech-fashion start-up, Art by Physicist, focusing on sustainable, electronically enhanced fashion for women, has teamed up with Armor ASCA to create solar-powered clothes allowing people to charge their electronic devices on-the-go (up to 5V). This project is part of the new technology-powered collection Art by Physicist successfully launched on Kickstarter in June 2021.

The overcoat and the dress designed by Art by Physicist integrate flexible lotus-shaped organic photovoltaic films (OPV) made by Armor ASAC, a unit of Armor solar power films GmbH, Kitzingen/Germany. 

Thanks to Art by Physicist’s integration know-how and the ASCA film properties – lightness, flexibility, semi-transparency – this solution is well suited for textile applications requiring a design and aesthetic integration. 

The overcoat and the dress fabrics designed by Art by Physicist are digitally printed on-demand using an eco-friendly digital printing process avoiding excess manufacturing and using less water. 100% recoverable and made of non-toxic materials, the ASCA film embedded in clothing can be easily removed, replaced, and disposed as any other electronics. 

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